Funko is the purveyor of pop culture and license-focused collectibles, leading the way globally.

The Funko license portfolio continues to grow, with more than 1000+ different licenses such as Fortnite, Harry Potter, Marvel, Overwatch, Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Disney and Five Nights At Freddy’s.

Fortnite Mini Figures & Mega Fort

Awesome looking and highly detailed Fortnite Figures with collactable weapons.

The whole product line from Moose contains 100 figures in total.


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Pokémon has never been more popular then now... don't miss out.


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  • Blume – Playset Series 1

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  • Blume – Doll Pack Series 1 CDU

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  • Slimi Café – Toppings Assorted

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  • Slimi Café – Starter Set Assorted

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  • Funko! PPK Fortnite Season 2 – Sparkle Specialist

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  • Funko! PPK Fortnite Season 2 – Tricera Ops

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  • Funko! PPK Fortnite Season 2 – Dark Vanguard

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  • Funko! POP VINYL Fortnite Season 1 Love Ranger

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