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Bubbleezz Animalzz Series 1 Small Assorted

Bubbleezz™ Animalzz is the latest line of fun and wacky creations to the Bubbleezz product line.

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Product description & Features

Bubbleezzare just as fun to squeeze as squishies. They are adorable semi-translucent animals filled with Bubbleezz Beadz™ that move around as you squeeze them.

Bubbleezz™ Animalzz are sure to make a big impression whether you’re stashing them in your backpack for fun on the go or displaying them on your shelf! Collect all the Bubbleez™ Animalzz or pick your favourites!

Features 4 different animals in an assortment of colors.

Colli size and additionel information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 31 × 12.8 cm
Colli size

12 pcs.

Item number


Colli assortment

1 x Turquoise Frog (Barcode 622222058586)
1 x Green Frog (Barcode 622222058746)
1 x Pink Frog (Barcode 622222058753)
1 x Red Crab (Barcode 622222058593)
1 x Orange Crab (Barcode 622222058791)
1 x Purple Crab (Barcode 622222058784)
1 x Green Turtoise (Barcode 622222058609)
1 x Purple Turtoise (Barcode 622222058777)
1 x Turquoise Turtoise (Barcode 622222058760)
1 x Blue Whale (Barcode 622222058807)
1 x Pink Whale (Barcode 622222058814)
1 x Purple Whale (Barcode 622222058616)

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