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Orbeez Grown Beads Pack Assorted

Orbeez Grown Beads Packs are beads ready to be used when you run out of beads for the ultimate spa experience.

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Product description & Features

Every time your Orbeez® products run out of the soft and colourful beads, you can easily refill from the beautiful, colourful bottles. Just pour the beads out of the bottle, and you are all set for yet another wonderful spa experience. Don’t worry if your Orbeez® start drying up, just put them into some hot water, and they will grow soft and big again.

You can also crush your Orbeez® beads and have a fun and different spa experience!

The beads are available in 7 different colours, with no fewer than 400 beads in each individual bottle.

Each bottle contains 400 Orbeez® beads!

Colli size and additionel information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 13.6 × 31.7 × 22.5 cm
Colli size

10 pcs.

Item number


Colli assortment

2 x Pink (Barcode 792189473866)
2 x Sky Blue (Barcode 792189473873)
1 x Blue (Barcode 792189473880)
1 x Orange (Barcode 792189473897)
1 x Clear (Barcode 792189473910)
1 x Yellow (Barcode 792189473927)
2 x Purple (Barcode 792189473941)

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