Slimi Café – Toppings Assorted

The perfect accessory for the Slimi Café!

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Product description & Features

ORB Slimi Café™ is a revolutionary product combining both specially formulated Soft’n Slo Squishies™ & Slimi Cafe™ toppings.

You can mix & match, decorate and squeeze to create delicious treats.

When you’re done playing, you can take Soft’n Slo Squishies™ & Slimi Cafe™ toppings apart, put them back into their air-tight sealable packages and re-use them next time!

The decorative toppings can be rolled and shaped into different personalized decorations, figures, letters and much more!

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  1. Open from bottom zip
  2. Roll/twist/form
  3. Decorate
  4. Squeeze
  5. Separate from other compounds
  6. Put back into the packaging and seal it

Colli size and additionel information

Weight 5.66 kg
Dimensions 32 × 37.5 × 20.5 cm
Colli size

24 pcs.

Item number


Colli assortment

2 x Swirleez Razzleberry (Barcode 622222124137)
1 x Swirleez Grapify (Barcode 622222127114)
1 x Swirleez Grapify (Barcode 622222128166)
4 x Jameez Bluebellicious (Barcode 622222124120)
3 x Jameez Strawbellicious (Barcode 622222128159)
3 x Jameez Blue Razzleberry (Barcode 622222127107)
3 x FluffiWhipz VeriBerry (Barcode 622222124144)
3 x FluffiWhipz Minteriffic (Barcode 622222127121)
4 x FluffiWhipz Tangerini (Barcode 622222124151)

Retail box size

W 4 x H 20 x D 11,8 cm

Retail box weight

0,20 kg