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Slimy – Creations DIY Assorted

Create your own slime by mixing only two ingredients and release a surprise!

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Product description & Features

Meet the greatest SLIMY invention of all times! You can now mix your own slime and stir it to reveal one of 12 surprises from Slimy Creations DIY Series.

It’s very easy: Shake the Activator tube, pour it into the Plasma Base cup, stir for 2 minutes and wait for 1 minute, then stir again until your slimy is ready! Stretch your slimy and don’t worry – it doesn’t stain!

The surprises available are based on the different slime colors.

Slimy is based on a Swiss Formula ensuring safety and providing top quality products.

Colli size and additionel information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 40 × 27.5 cm
Colli size

12 pcs.

Item number


Colli assortment

4 x Slimy Creations DIY Purple (Barcode 5710948362102)
4 x Slimy Creations DIY Green (Barcode 5710948362119)
4 x Slimy Creations DIY Gold (Barcode 5710948362126)

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